Assurance juridique : Regards croisés sur son évolution au Québec et en France par Pierre Gagnon et Guillaume Brunel

The authors, in Québec M. le bâtonnier Pierre Gagnon and in France Mr. Guillaume BRUNEL, have been interested for years in legal insurance. M. le bâtonnier Pierre Gagnon chaired the Committee on legal expenses insurance for the Barreau du Québec for ten years. At the request of the Minister of Justice of Québec, he co-chaired a group of experts who were mandated to make recommendations to promote the development of legal insurance in Québec. His works led him to be in contact with Mr. Guillaume BRUNEl, a Ph D resercher in the Faculty of law and economics sciences, Research center Yves Serra Perpignan whose thesis concerns the legal protection insurance in France. Mr. BRUNELis the author of several published articles on the subject. He was heard by both houses (Assemblée nationale and Sénat) for its work on legal aid and legal protection insurance.

Both authors have had the project of writing a joint article demonstrating the features and the development of this type of insurance in Québec and France. The authors will also publish a revised version of the text for the French legal journal La Gazette du Palais

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