L’apport du mix marketing dans le développement des assurances vie en Algérie by Yazid Kahoul and Boualem-Ammar Chebira

This article highlights the Algerian insurance companies’ experience in the realm of marketing and asks whether the principles and techniques of this discipline can be applied to these firms. It emphasizes the need for these companies to invest heavily in marketing development schemes if they are to develop and promote life insurance products and encourage households’ subscriptions. This is mainly because the Algerian social-economic and cultural setting does not encourage the development of this type of product. To achieve this, changes are needed at many levels including: adoption of a new approach to customers, improving after-sales service, quicker compensation procedures, aggressive sales efforts, introducing new distribution channels and innovations in business processes, organizational structures, and products etc. These are real challenges for marketers in these firms, but if dealt with properly, they will help them re-position their life insurance products and achieve growth. This paper, by analyzing relevant data and reviewing the specific Algerian institutional, economic and social context, will examine the conditions of a successful marketing mix policy that enable the development of the life insurance industry in Algeria.

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